K. B.Women's College

    Near Civil Court, Hazaribag

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K.B.Women's College
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Goals & Objectives

The major goals and objectives of the institution are:

  • To empower young women to acquire leadership.
  • To provide a platform for realizing inherent talent and honing it to attain professional flavour.
  • To inculcate core values like pursuit of academic excellence, social responsibility, moral uprightness and team spirit.
  • To train the students physically and mentally through sports and extra - curricular activities.
  • To build infrastructure for growth of the college and to make the institution a centre of excellence.
  • To build a family of alumni and friends to create a network of allegiance and support for the college.

"Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is only a vision. But well lived today makes, every yesterday cherishable, every tomorrow a hope".